L.I.F.T. As We Climb, Inc.



How We Started

There is something special about being from an urban community and giving back to an urban community. Our youth are the future of any and all cities, urban or suburban. However, the adversities that youth in urban cities face can create obstacles for them to be successful in the future. Issues such as drugs, crime, teen pregnancy, and poverty are things that can be alleviated. Two young men that were born and raised in an urban community determined to  being the change they wish to see in Newark. This determination gave birth to Lift As We Climb (LIFT). Change is not going to come without strategically providing interventions such as mentorship, tutoring, extra-curricular activities, etc. to change the trajectory of our young people’s lives.

L.I.F.T As We Climb, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is geared toward youth development. Lift As We Climb specializes in creative mentorship, innovative education programs, relative motivational programs, and Life coaching. L.I.F.T creates and partners in much community outreach programs to help educate, connect, and increase the value of their community.

Our core values Leadership, Individuality, Fortitude, and Tenacity (L.I.F.T), define four key elements that make it possible to climb and encourage; not only in our organization, but in our broader communities.


Our Values



We create an environment in which our youth are given the opportunity to develop their leadership ability. We will unwrap the potentials of our leaders of TODAY.


Welcoming and encouraging individuality is important. We celebrate diversity and our hope is to highlight the value in coming together as unique and important individuals.


We believe that in life, timidity tarnishes opportunities and make dreams impossible. At Lift as we Climb Camp we inspire courageous behavior to help create opportunities and make dreams possible.


We mentor students to build their confidence, and empower them to engage in rigorous activity and to never give up or give in when things get tough


Our Team

Versatility is essential to developing our strong, tenacious, independent leaders of tomorrow. Our team at L.I.F.T As We Climb offers a plethora of life experience that we use to engage young audiences through our various programs. We use our personal experiences to catalyst students into their own future. We seek to challenge the perspective of young minds and motivate youth to push their limits farther than they can imagine.


jamaul jerido

Co-Founder & President

keenan oliver

Co-Founder & Vice President

Claude Dienhoue Gueye

Mentoring Coach


taylor plummer

Entrepreneurship Coach


jermel jenkins

Physical Activities Coordinator


vanessa Jean-Louis

Education Coordinator


there is room for you

Interested in joining our team? Contact info@liftasweclimbinc.org